Aura, Promotional Videos In 1 Click

Aura, Promotional Videos In 1 Click

Aura is 1-Click app creates "promo videos" & fires them to 500 sources for free buyer traffic in 21 seconds without any upfront costs, experience or tech skills!

Aura is 1-Click app creates “promo videos” & fires them to 500 sources for free buyer in 21 seconds without any upfront costs, experience or tech skills!

If you’ve struggling to get sales and in 2021, and are worried about this continuing, then I have great news for you in the form of a one-time SOLUTION.

Billy and Justin have been quietly developing and testing a top new software over the last 6 months which totally removes this problem.

It’s been exhaustively tested by both newbie and experienced marketers alike and the results achieved by ALL beta testers have been amazingly encouraging.

Want to instantly tap into the first-of-it’s-kind, cloud software called AURA – to get , leads & sales from 500 FR.EE sources built into ONE dashboard, in as little as 21 seconds from now?!

You’re seriously just one button push away from getting your affiliate or page link for ANY product in front of 500 viral traffic sources in as little as 21 seconds!

Not just that – if you’re struggling to create quality promo videos for your campaigns, AURA also allows you to create 20 different types of video in 1 click…so that you can also smash your video marketing at the same time!

Imagine DFY promo videos – then add 500 viral traffic sources to the mix – and you’re in for a HUGE win-win!


Check AURA out here now – hurry though as the price rises every 60 minutes!


At the push of a button, this potent software attracts hordes of FR.EE, viral traffic instantly from 500 (yes FIVE HUNDRED!) massively powerful, 1 click traffic sources – for the first time ever and from one dashboard…

…which is great news for you because it means:

  • No Tech Skills!
  • No Being On Camera!
  • No Previous Experience!
  • No Paid Advertising!
  • No Waiting Months For Results!
  • No More Crazy Frustrations!

AURA does this by simply placing YOUR links into all 500 traffic sources…generating massive, targeted traffic and daily, passive sales – all on total autopilot.

They’ve tested this software thoroughly to ensure it delivers traffic, leads and sales 24/7…365!

Up until recently they were doing this method manually and whilst doing it manually made them tens of thousands in profits every single month – it took hours upon hours of mind-numbing work to set up.

But now they have it completely automated…a battle-tested software & method that WILL get you results from Day 1 – and within just 60 seconds of set up.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or bought before, and the best thing about it is that it flat out works…I guarantee it will force you to crush it NOW and beyond 2021!

With AURA you’re just 3 simple steps away from unlimited, automated traffic in ANY niche (from 500 powerful traffic sources) and to ANY link or page of your choice…

Step 1 – Grab A Copy Of AURA Before The Price Increases!
Step 2 – Enter A Keyword, Select A DFY Video Or Offer You Want Traffic Sent To!
Step 3 – Hit ‘ACTIVATE’ + Drive Unlimited, Bu.yer Traffic Within 21 seconds!

AURA will deliver limitless, bu.yer traffic to ANY page you want, containing ANY link you want from ANY affiliate you choose!


Watch AURA in action here + discover how to absolutely smash your sales + traffic targets from day 1!


There are multiple income/traffic proofs supplied with AURA, results from students/beta testers who’ve been working with the software for months getting it prepared…typically giving them and you results like these:

  • 648.11 made in 24 hours
  • 2130.95 made in 1 week
  • 864.37 made in 36 hours
  • PLUS many, many more results inside!

I personally tested it and on my 1st campaign generated 67 leads, 11 sales and 442 bucks in only a 24 hour period – yes it totally blew me away!

ALL 79 beta testers actually generated really impressive results by using the AURA software & included over-the-shoulder training (57 newbies were actually among this beta testing group!)

AURA allows absolute beginners to press a few buttons & drive massive, targeted traffic to any link of their choice…

…without paying a dime for traditional paid advertising and without wasting time on other so called ‘traffic methods’ – there were even teenagers and several over 70s among the testers!

All beta testers received impressively positive results with FAST improvements in traffic & lead generation plus massively increased sales!


Check out the amazing results achieved by using AURA here now!


You get EVERYTHING you need to solve your traffic + sales problem from today…this is so exciting!

  • Limitless AutoPilot Bu.yer Traffic In 21 Seconds
  • First Of It’s Kind Fully-Automated AURA Software
  • 20 DFY Promo Video Types That Are Created In 1 Click
  • 100 Different Templates!
  • 1000s Of DFY Videos Ready To Go
  • 100% Beginner-Friendly Software
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Customer Only Q & A Call
  • 83k In 30 Days Live Training (Strictly 1st 100 customers ONLY!)
  • 3 Figures/Day Case Study (Tutorial Videos Included)
  • No Monthly Fees Ever (if purchased during this 4 day launch period!)
  • Enjoy The Laptop Lifestyle
  • 90-Day Refund Guarantee
  • Works For ANY Niche + ANY Link
  • Experience A Daily Influx Of Traffic Sales Totally Handsfree
  • Get Results Or Get 500 Bucks Refunded
  • Agency License Included!

Yes, they are giving away that FR.EE Agency Licence for the first 50 buyers which means that not only do you totally solve your traffic/sales and video creation problems in your own business, but are also able to charge your clients/customers to do the same for them!

Meaning you can use AURA for unlimited clients AND charge them 497-997 bucks for just a few minutes of very simple work on your part…you can charge these types of fees because YOU can GUARANTEE the traffic and quality of video creation – I mean what a position to be in right!

The benefits of using AURA are many and impressive…

  • Created Especially For Newbies!
  • Fully-Automated Affiliate Sales!
  • 1 Click Campaign Set Up!
  • No Monthly Fees!
  • Viral Traffic From 500 Sources In 21 Seconds!
  • No Tech, No List, No Website Needed!
  • Web-Based App Use On Any Device!
  • 100% Unique & Never Seen Before!
  • Earn A Full-Time Inc0me Online!
  • Experience The Laptop Lifestyle!
  • Finally Breakthrough & Change Your Life!
  • Agency License Included – Charge Big For This GUARANTEED Service!

So if you know that not having enough traffic is holding you back from enjoying success in your online business, then you need to get your hands on AURA immediately…as the price rises every hour!


Generate your own amazing results and success with AURA + Agency license today!


Grab AURA now for just 22 bucks while the early bird discount of 85% is available, and start generating this amazingly rewarding bu.yer traffic for yourself from TODAY!

So if you’re getting excited (which you should be) about the opportunity to finally break through and generate the inc0me you deserve (from today), then hit the link below now…the price is genuinely increasing every 60 mins!


Get instant access to AURA + Agency license!

To your success

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