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Cartflows : the solution to create with WordPress

Cartflows-Makes eCommerce
Cartflows-Makes eCommerce


Have you heard of the sales funnel with Cartflows? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

One of the main reasons for a company’s online presence is to improve its image and make its products and services better known. Thus, companies put all their chances on their side in order to generate traffic, attract potential customers, obtain conversions and by analogy sales.

But this objective is not won in advance. It is necessary to succeed in setting up an adequate marketing strategy (content marketing, emailing, social media, sales funnel…).

In this set of solutions, the sales tunnel is an excellent approach to create a relationship of trust with an Internet user, in order to achieve a sale in the rules of art (that is to say in the respect of the stakeholders).

Finally, what happens on the Internet is a bit identical to what happens in physical life: we get to know each other, we see if we can do business, we show our credentials to guarantee the sale, and we make a purchase. Whether you buy your baguette at the bakery or a video game on the internet, the process is the same, it’s just the that are a bit different. It takes some getting used to, but the big advantage of the period we are living in, is that the have evolved to make our life easier.

Phew, we can finally sell on the internet without too much headache!

Once we’ve said that, the question is: how is Cartflows useful to set up a conversion tunnel and help sell products and services on the internet? We’ll let you in on some important secrets to know.



Cartflows, what is it about?

It is a WordPress extension (freemium) recommended for the creation of sales funnels. It works with Woocommerce (free) and templates (page models) that can be easily used in a few clicks. This also includes many options to customize your online business.

Why use Cartflows to develop your brand?

The first asset of Cartflows software to attract potential customers is its ease of use. Indeed, it integrates easily with WordPress and does not require any special settings or configuration. All its options are accessible from the WordPress dashboard.

This software requires the Woocommerce extension to be installed in order to work. This plugin allows you to easily integrate the e-commerce option to your WordPress site. This is where Cartflows comes in to facilitate the buying process. It contributes to a better user experience and helps convert your visitors, prospects into new customers and retain them.

Cartflow offers ready to use page builder-friendly templates.

You will find the :

  • payment page ;
  • thank you page ;
  • upsell and downsell page;
  • page for collecting emails (optin).

With Cartflows, you have the possibility to set up an efficient and reliable payment system for your sales funnel. Each page can be customized. The main objective of Cartflows software is to allow each user to get more leads, increase conversions and maximize profits.

How much does Cartflows cost?


On the official WordPress directory, you can access the free version and already create your sales tunnel. The Cartflow members’ Facebook group will be open to you as well as access to support in case of difficulties.

The pro option obviously offers many more features. It costs 299$ (approximately 276€) per year. At this price, you can create as many tunnels as you want on up to thirty sites. This is an excellent investment! All the options of the plug-in are available. You will have access to premium support, which means personalized user assistance. You will be able to benefit from updates of the extension.

Solutions like or clickfunnels are also possible like Cartflows. However, the latter stands out on many aspects and offers many advantages over competitors: its price-quality ratio is excellent. And if like me you have a WordPress site, then Cartflow is ideal.

Which version of cartflows do you need?

Of course, the free version will be useful for your first sales tunnels. But it will not allow you to do everything.

To create all the right conditions for conversions, you should obviously opt for a subscription. The power of Cartflows lies in its additional options (upsell, downsell, order bump and check out) available in its paid formula.


The process of creating a sales tunnel with Cartflows

Before describing the process that leads to the establishment of a sales tunnel, it would be interesting to define this concept. It is the different steps that lead a visitor to your site to the purchase phase of your product or service.

To create a tunnel with this extension, follow these steps

Install and activate the Cartflows extension

It is possible to create a sales tunnel with Cartflows in just 20 minutes. From your WordPress dashboard, you can activate the free version.

Install Woocommerce (if not already done) & Elementor


Whether you install Cartflow or not, Woocommerce is a great (free) solution to create your online store with WordPress to sell locally or internationally.

The Woocommerce Setup Wizard is a good guide to help you set up Woocommerce.

Next, Cartflows will ask you to choose a page builder. So you’ll have a choice between Elementor, Divi, Builder, and Beaver.

Elementor is for me and many e-merchants, the ideal solution. Simple, responsive and complete to create pages, this builder allows an easy handling. Also offered in Fremium, you can start without worry with the free version. It ensures an exceptional design of your pages and your E-commerce site.

Create an efficient flow in your sales tunnel

To create the sales tunnel to lead to the act of purchase, it is essential to connect Cartflow to Woocommerce to ensure the functioning of your payment page. When it comes to payment gateway, Stripe will be recommended by Cartflows. Stripe Woocommerce is ideal for credit card payments, but you can also opt for Woocommerce PayPal. The latter option also works without any worries. Personally I use both to offer a wide choice to my customers.

With the Pro version of Cartflow, you will be able to create a landing page from a template to make your products known to customers. With the free version, you will use Elementor to fully customize your page. In any case, good copywriting is necessary to develop a content strategy for good visibility.

You will also be able to customize your “Thank You Page” so that the customer receives thanks and possibly instructions after purchasing your product or service. The free version also allows you to offer an opt-in page to collect emails in exchange for a generally free product.

Even if you stop at this level, your tunnel will be operational. Once this is in place, you will probably want to go further…

So, if you already know that Cartflow is for you, go get it by following this link! If not, let’s continue to see it together…

Add an upsell and/or a downsell

In the pro version, you also have the possibility to propose an upsell (more expensive product or service) or a downsell (cheaper product or service), complementary offers to your initial offer, so the price will be added to the first one on the payment form if the customer chooses this option.

To do this, click on the “Add New Step” button. Among the six templates offered, choose one in the Upsell tab. Then, you will add the product of your choice.

Once the customer has made a purchase, another product will be offered just before the “Thank You Page”.

This digital strategy is obviously not adapted to a “single product store”.

To make downsell, you can use this same marketing technique to maximize your sales. However, you will only have access to three templates.

Add an order bump

The order bump is the little promotional bonus you offer your customers at the very moment of their purchase. The little extra they can add to their shopping cart just before paying, the offer they won’t see anywhere else.

At this stage of the buying process, the customer is already ready to buy, and you are offering them the “icing on the cake”. There is a good chance that he will add this little extra to his cart for his pleasure and yours.

Add an opt-in upstream of the tunnel

The opt-in step is possible with both versions (free and paid) of Cartflows. The opt-in consists in offering the visitor to fill in a form that will lead to the download of a free product (ebook for example). Thus, you have access to his email and you can contact him. It is an optional digital marketing strategy to generate contacts in order to acquire visibility and find new customers.

Finally, Cartflow in Pro version integrates an abandoned cart reminder, very practical to give a last wink to the “almost-customer” who gave up the process at checkout time. This abandoned cart reminder practice is widely used in e-commerce and allows you to recover a good part of the evaporated customers!

Convinced of the benefits of Cartflow?

Download Cartflow here to install it yourself on your site



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