Developing a website involves working on many levers. Once the technical part is finished with the setting up of the site as well as its contents, it will be advisable to develop all the part related to the web marketing which makes it possible to popularize its site, to make it more attractive and to improve the engagement of its users. This part is unfortunately, most often, the one that is forgotten by website publishers. However, without webmarketing, even if you have an excellent site, you can’t achieve great goals.

The articles in this theme focus on content strategies to adopt, the best way to develop your newsletter, increasing your conversion rate so that your prospects become real customers. You will also find tips on how to improve your sales pages, the number of subscribers, social shares, but also your advertising targeting to attract the right people to your site.

Developing a real web marketing strategy will allow you to target the user acquisition levers for your site and thus develop an adequate audience for your content.