GetResponse: All-In-One Emailing Solution ?

GetResponse: Full Review (2021) Of This All-In-One Emailing Solution ?

If you don’t know what GetResponse is or if you’ve heard about it and want to know more, this article is for you: I give you my complete opinion on GetResponse.

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GetResponse: What Is It?

GetResponse is an ALL in 1 online email marketing solution offering an impressive number of features:

  • a complete emailing solution
  • an autoresponder (automated system for sending emails)
  • easy creation of sales tunnels (GetResponse Autofunnel)
  • Hundreds of templates for newsletters, messages, sales pages to customize your marketing campaigns according to the niche you are targeting
  • creation of impactful email capture forms
  • analytics solutions: Tracking performance indicators to optimize the impact of your campaigns on your prospects and customers.

and many others (complete list on their website)


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GetResponse, in my opinion, has become a complete marketing solution since they released autofunnel, because this feature allows you to manage your sales funnels from A to Z. You can manage the whole acquisition process on your blog or website, from the 1st visit to the final sale.

Moreover, the is fully customizable thanks to the GetResponse API and is able to manage emailing lists ranging from very small (< 100 contacts) to very large (more than one million contacts).
For more than 10 years, GetResponse has been providing high quality applications for both small businesses (like infopreneurs and all other web entrepreneurs for example) and large companies on the Internet and therefore they know how to respond to each of their problems by providing them with adapted solutions.

Moreover, GetResponse has a very good customer support, composed of experts in the creation and management of emailing campaigns, newsletters, autoresponders and in converting visitors into customers. That’s why you can ask them any question about it, they will know how to answer it in details 😉

Moreover, they attach great care to work on the hygiene of your lists. Indeed, they have implemented a solution to clean your contact lists automatically (via rules) in order to eliminate all dormant or useless email addresses.

The company also has very good relationships with major email and Internet service providers, which allows them to have some of the highest deliverability rates on the market. This ensures that the emails they send to their contact list (prospects, visitors, customers) actually arrive in the recipients’ email boxes WITHOUT ending up in spam. And this is a very important aspect to consider when you want to sell products on the internet using emailing.


GetResponse Features

Among the many features that GetResponse offers, here are the main ones:

300+ professional templates

300 email templates, forms and landing pages adapted to the different types of niches you target (e.g. fitness, real estate, hotels, etc.)

The provides a very intuitive editor that allows you to easily modify existing templates or create your own email or sales page template from scratch.

Using the intuitive editor allows you to customize your communication and emails with graphics and fonts adapted to the niche you are targeting. You can also easily add your logo and adapt the colors to those of your company.

Autofunnel: the automated solution for creating sales tunnels on getresponse

A sales tunnel is a marketing term that refers to the entire process of selling your website or blog on the Internet. Controlling your sales tunnel means controlling the activity of your site from the beginning (visitors entering your site) to the end (buyers of your products).


A sales tunnel optimized from A to Z will allow you to convert your site visitors into buyers: and this is exactly what autofunnel offers. You configure autofunnel and the optimizes the rest. It’s as easy as pie.

GetResponse A/B testing

In order to get the best results for your online business with your email campaign, GetResponse implements what is known as A/B testing (or A/B test). This is a very well known feature in the marketing world that consists of testing 2 versions of the same page (version “A” and version “B”) and finally selecting the one that performs better.

On GetResponse, you can create not 2 versions of an email or a page, but up to 5 versions and select the one that works best. You can, for example, test changing the subject of the mail, the message inside the mail, the images inside the mail, the call-to-action buttons and then select what worked best.

By working like this, you will see little by little that you will increase the click rate of your emailing campaigns and therefore have more chance to sell your products. A/B testing is really a flagship solution used by all marketing professionals because it allows you to save money in the long run, increase your conversion rate and minimize the loss of customers.

Email Analytics

GetResponse provides a dashboard to monitor the statistics and performance of your email marketing campaigns and sales tunnels.

GetResponse will track every open, click, unsubscribe from your email campaigns and every purchase from your sales pages. You will be able to see at a glance the situation of your emailing performance and your sales tunnel with graphs and personalized reports that you can receive in your email box every day if you wish.

Guaranteed deliverability

GetResponse applies a systematic control to guarantee an optimal delivery rate for your emailing campaigns. This control is done both by humans (their engineers and marketing experts) and by robots (automated systems that control the proper routing of your emails) so that the messages sent by your autoresponder end up in your prospects’ inboxes and not in their junk mail.

From automating the hygiene of your contact lists to selecting the best Internet service providers, GetResponse ensures that your email campaigns, and therefore your business, are always protected and compliant with current regulations.

Social media integration

You can easily insert links to your email capture forms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to collect as many email addresses as possible from social networks. You can even now create targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram directly on GetResponse to reach a wider audience and generate more leads.

Millions of people take advantage of social networks to sell their products every day; a single link can bring you 1, 2, 10 or even 100 new leads or customers per day: it’s a very powerful lever!

Creating online surveys

Knowing the deep needs and problems faced by your target is a fundamental thing if you want to sell your products. GetResponse makes it easy to create online surveys and collect valuable information about your niche. You can ask as many questions as you want in your surveys. This way, you can improve your existing products and even create new products that correspond to the real and current expectations of your customers or prospects.

Knowing your audience is an essential key that will allow you to always be one step ahead of your competitors and to serve your customers better. By doing so, you increase the potential of your existing customer list by offering new products adapted to their needs without having to conquer new customers. In this way, you increase the value of a customer by getting them to consume more products from you.

GetResponse mobile application

The GetResponse mobile app is really well done, I use it every day to see the number of new contacts or customers generated.

I have easy access to all the statistics of my emailing campaigns (number of new contacts, open rate, conversions, etc.). You can even integrate your personal address book 😉 This allows you to grow your contact list.

Coaching and support

GetResponse offers customer support with a team of experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you optimize your email marketing campaigns. Support is available by phone, email or live chat. It’s the last solution I use when I need it and they answer you almost instantly (and they are not robots behind it). When I have a concern or don’t know how to do something on the , I use their FAQ which is extremely well documented. I found 99% of the answers to my questions there.

The only problem is that at the time of writing the support is still in English, even though the interface is in French. Personally, even if I have an average level of English, I can make myself understood and send a message in English. I have rarely had to call for support but when I have, they have always been very quick to respond and very friendly. And to top it all off the support is completely free!


No need to know how to code with GetResponse

All your creations (email, autoresponder, email capture form, etc…) are made extremely easily thanks to the GetResponse editor which is very intuitive. Another advantage is that you can use templates that are already made.

For example, if you want to create an email capture form, you just have to go to the forms page, choose the one whose design matches your site the most, then you just have to replace the text, save. And there you have it, ready to be inserted on your website or blog. There was nothing to program or code, no CSS, Javascript or other terms that give us the cold shoulder.

Believe me I have an engineering degree and I know what it takes to develop a computer program. Personally, I don’t dream about computer code so the big advantage is that you can have a professional rendering without the need of any technical knowledge or skills. You don’t depend on a developer anymore so you reduce your costs; you gain autonomy.

You can change absolutely everything you want in your creations simply by pointing and clicking with the simple creation editor provided. You start with a model and then you change the information according to what you want. So it takes me only 15 minutes to create a form.

GetResponse - Automations
GetResponse – Automations


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Getresponse vs Mailchimp

You probably know Mailchimp: it’s a free emailing solution that’s quite well-known on the web. The big advantage is that it is free. I used it a long time ago for a client of mine. For those who are just starting out and don’t have much money to invest in their blog, this solution is suitable. On the other hand, if at some point you intend to make a living from your blog, especially through affiliation, you should know that Mailchimp has a very restrictive policy regarding affiliate links in the body of your messages.

Mailchimp prohibits the promotion of affiliate programs and has a blacklist (that we do not know) prohibiting the promotion of certain products. So if the product you want to sell is on the blacklist, you will be banned from mailchimp and the efforts you have put into your email campaigns will be reduced to nothing. You can find all the details about their affiliate link restriction policy on the Mailchimp website.


GetResponse and WordPress

As for me, having created my blog with WordPress, I find that the 2 platforms (WordPress and GetResponse) work very well together. The email capture form you see on the right sidebar of the blog is a 100% GetResponse creation and took me 15 minutes to create. The output pop up I installed is also a module provided by GetResponse.

You have the possibility to get the email of your visitors not only thanks to the forms you have placed in the different blocks of your site but also via the comments, when a visitor comments on one of your articles.

Important note: To use these features with WordPress, you will need to open an account with GetResponse because you will need your API key so that the 2 tools (WordPress and GetResponse) can communicate with each other.


GetResponse Price

For the many features it offers and the performance of the , I find GetResponse to be a good value for money. The price range goes from 15€ for the cheapest offer and goes up to 1199€ for large companies. Your price increases when your number of contacts increases (there are tiers). But the offers that will interest us for a blog are the BASIC offer and the PLUS offer.

GetResponse - Pricing
GetResponse – Pricing

2 options are available to you:

If you are just starting your blog, you can choose the BASIC offer: the cheapest one at 15€ / month (13€ HT + 2€ VAT).
If you are a bit more experienced and want to benefit from all the advantages of the tool (especially the creation of webinars), I recommend the PLUS offer at 45€ HT.


GetResponse free for 30 days

Yes! It is possible to test the tool for free for 30 days. Few quality tools offer such a long trial period.

You don’t need to enter a credit card, your email address will be enough. Indeed, I hate the solutions where they ask you to enter your bank information by telling you that the solution is free for X days and which debit you as soon as the X days are over. On the contrary, with this solution you won’t have any bad surprises after 30 days.


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To summarize “my opinion on GetResponse

Disadvantages of GetResponse :

  • The designs of the newsletters are not very modern: they look like they date from the early 2000s

Positive points of Getresponse:

  • ALL in 1 email marketing solution (autoresponder, sales tunnel, newsletter sending, etc.)
  • No need to know how to code
  • Very good value for money, with offers starting at 15€ per month; if you start your website it’s ideal.
  • 300+ templates designed to meet the needs of your market niche
  • ULTRA easy to build and optimize sales tunnel to sell your products
  • 24/7 support by phone, email or instant message

Click here to try FREE for 30 days


Feel ready to launch your complete email campaign with GetResponse? Go to their website:

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