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Software Suite Overview


Important Note: that you are about to discover is absolutely UNIQUE and has not been officially launched yet. This platform that contains all the marketing tools you can dream of under the same roof is still under development by the GrooveDigital teams, and what I am offering you today is to be able to test it for FREE and to be precursors for those who wish to upgrade their account TODAY!





Contrary to what we are used to discovering, today I am not going to introduce you to a marketing company that offers us a new technology and whose main objective is to offer us new products on a regular basis to make a profit. The company you are about to discover is a technology company that offers us marketing tools so that WE can make a profit with our business.




Led by Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta, it’s a team of over 50 people who cover all areas within the same structure. From Aps/Software development to server infrastructure specialists, template designers, SQL, CSS, Javascript, PHP database specialists and professional marketers. All the skills needed for success are present.

Mike Filsaime is THE BOSS of the industry. Designer of PayDotCom, EasyWebinar, WebinarJam and the Kartra platform to name a few of his creations, he is a formidable Entrepreneur and a man of great quality who organizes every January a Marketing Cruise on a privatized luxury liner for marketers to meet and socialize… He’s someone I’ve been following personally for over 15 years, he’s a model that is always several steps ahead of the others.

is the flagship of this new adventure, and today you will have a unique opportunity that I will offer you in the next few minutes.


What is ?

Is An All Inclusive Platform For YOUR Marketing.


When you think about it, what do you need when you start or manage a business (or several) online or offline?





A new generation page and funnel builder that relies on a brand new “FrameWork” infrastructure that totally overwrites “Bootstrap” designed by Twitter more than 11 years ago and that is now obsolete. All existing page designers rely on this “old” technology and will have to adapt… But YOU will be ready! Create unlimited pages and funnels, under your own domain name or subdomains, perfectly “responsive” pages built in “Mobile First” mode required by Google and easily adjustable to be viewed on computer, tablet or mobile (with settings for each media type)… This is absolutely huge! And that’s not all, because one of the features you won’t find anywhere else is the possibility to import any page from the web and use it as a template

so you can customize it to your liking… it’s definitely a game changer!



A ShoppingCart allowing you to offer payment solutions for all your digital products and services. Integrated with GroovePages and GrooveFunnels, this application allows you to manage your sales, direct payments, subscriptions and refunds. This advanced tool also allows you to create “Projections” and thus anticipate your sales and results. It is THE absolute solution to manage your business. And the best way to multiply your sales is the integration with GrooveAffiliate! It’s YOUR own 1TPE, JVZoo & Clickbank included!


This is the perfect complement to GrooveSell and this application is fully integrated in GrooveFunnels to allow you to bring an army of affiliates with you to relay your offers. Your affiliate “Portal” allows you to get in 1 click the link to give to your affiliates to sign up and get instantly their personal link to promote your product as well as all the tools you put at their disposal to help them (email templates, banners, blog posts, videos, social posts…etc). You will be able to manage all your affiliates, view their sales, refunds, commissions and you will even be able to offer the best ones to become your partners and those who have less good results or many cart abandonments along the way to help them improve their results by offering them your help.


Your GrooveFunnels platform would not be complete without an integrated autoresponder system that allows you to create, manage and feed your contact lists. 25,000 emails per day are included in the plan (25,000 contacts to whom you can send an email per day is colossal). That’s more than the average volume of lists of marketers who generate tens of thousands of euros in commissions per month. You will be able to collect leads, segment them, send them emails, structure follow-up sequences and monetize them in a way that is fully integrated with your pages, your funnels, your ShoppingCart…



Ideal to protect the delivery of your products and services. Each customer will have his own personal access to access his purchases in a secure and totally personalized member area. Imagine setting up a training product for which you bill your customers on a recurring basis and offer them a secure member area where they can come back to enjoy your new content every month… This is a complete turnkey business that you can set up very easily with GrooveMember. Instantly see all your members, manage their subscriptions, automatically activate or deactivate members who are not up to date with their payments… And much more!



Your personal video hosting platform is like having your own Wistia or Vimeo Pro. A space where you can host all your videos, customize your players to your colors, add action elements on top of your videos, integrated capture forms, calls to action, image overlay, custom thumbnails… etc. In a few minutes you get sharing links and embedding code to place your videos on your pages, your external sites, your blogs and of course broadcast them on your social profiles.



GrooveBlog is not a replacement for WordPress, but rather a way to create Blogs to post your offers, share your knowledge, give tips and tricks… etc. Functioning as a traditional blog system, you will be able to create articles, with images and videos, adjusting the SEO parameters to position your publications as well as possible in the search results of the main search engines.


After having imagined, designed and developed EasyWebinar and WebinarJam, you can expect a very heavy webinar platform with GrooveWebinars. Whether you want to organize your webinars live, in streaming (via Facebook & Youtube) or in replay. Complete registration system for your audience, creation of your integrated pages, reminders by email of the time and access link of your webinar… This is the must-have that you will get and it will hurt GotoWebinar who has been dominating the market for too long…



You know how essential an efficient customer service is. It is an integral part of your success. And email support is not enough, you need a real ticketing support platform, which allows you to track ongoing discussions, where you can have several people handling dedicated tickets for your products or services. Systems like ZenDesk, FreshDesk, or even Hesk that we use ourselves to support Top Recommendations are valuable tools. And you will get the best of all these platforms with GrooveDesk.



If you have a coaching activity, if you offer yoga classes, individual help or support sessions with your clients or members, you need a powerful calendar system on which your participants will be able to make appointments with you according to the times they want in perfect adequacy with your availability. It is the best way to know, at any time, thanks to a confirmation and reminder system by email, when you have an appointment and with whom.



Extremely powerful, surveys and quizzes are fun, entertaining and allow you to obtain important and valuable information from your audiences, to know their desires and to satisfy them. This is an impressive strategy to capture leads, develop your lists, and obtain information that will allow you to offer information, products and services that are perfectly in line with your audience’s expectations. GrooveSurvey will allow you to perform these quizzes on the fly and to have at your disposal a powerful source of hyper-relevant information.



Until now, if you want to do eCommerce via a fully integrated platform, you don’t have many other options than to use Shopify. The problem is the cost of this system which becomes very expensive very quickly, especially when you start and you haven’t made your first sales yet. With GrooveKart and the offer made today, you will kill two birds with one stone by accessing the only Professional eCommerce platform that will make Shopify shake without the costs.



Being the head of your own marketplace is a godsend. It is the possibility for you to create a store containing all your products and services at the prices of your choice. And with GrooveMarketplace, it is also the possibility for you to allow affiliates to promote your entire marketplace or specific products and services. Everything you can imagine and create with GrooveFunnels will also be marketed through your GrooveMarketplace. This is absolutely huge!



This is a service that will be offered by GrooveDigital, it is a payment processor like Paypal, Stripe or But with a significant advantage, it is the fees that are taken by these platforms on each transaction, receipt or transfer of funds. With GroovePay, you will benefit from the best rates on the market and this processor will of course be fully integrated with GrooveSell, GrooveKart, Your Marketplace…etc.



Now that you have discovered all the tools included in GrooveFunnels today, you may be thinking that there is one last piece to the puzzle, it is the second service offered by GrooveDigital, it is GrooveAds. This service, which consists in being able to rely on a team of confirmed advertisers, a real Advertising Agency, will not be for everyone. There will be a minimum budget to invest and you will have to meet certain criteria that have yet to be specified. But you can imagine that it is a team of professionals who will take your campaigns in hand, the objective being to make you earn a minimum of $2 each time you invest $1. There will certainly be a selection that will be made in terms of products, niches and other parameters not yet specified for the moment.



Your GrooveFunnels platform contains GrooveAcademy in English, and you will have unlimited access to it. GrooveFunnels will be no exception to the rule and for each of the tools I have just presented, you will have access to the training videos in HD on a single secure platform.







What is the offer made to you today with GrooveFunnels?

Mike and John are well aware of the power and value of their GrooveFunnels platform, and they know for a fact that it will outperform the current market leaders in all areas covered, ClickFunnels for page and funnel creation, Shopify for eCommerce or even GoToWebinar or Zendesk for webinars and support. You now know that this is the cream of the crop that you will be able to access.

During this pre-launch, and while all the tools are not yet fully operational, they offer you 2 things:

1 – Get FREE access right now to the “Light” version of GrooveFunnels including GroovePages Basic (limited features), GrooveSell & GrooveAffiliate complete and fully functional. You can take advantage of this offer by registering NOW below.

2 – Access to the “LIFETIME” version of the whole platform, knowing that some of the tools such as GroovePages, GrooveSell & GrooveAffiliate are in their complete and fully functional version (but still under development). GrooveMail, GrooveMember & GrooveVideo will open in August (announced in a private MasterMind yesterday), then the other tools in September, October, November and December. So that by the end of the year or early 2021, you will have all the tools announced here today under one roof.

This “LifeTime” Platinum Offer is available in several ways, with payment facilities (for a very limited time):

>> Either 1 one-time payment of $1,397.00 today (with 35% discount compared to other facilities)

>> 0.00 today and then 4 payments of $497.00 (first payment in 14 days)

>> 6 payments of $388.00 starting today

>> Or 12 payments of $249.00 starting today


As you can see, they have thought of everyone and every budget.

Be Very Careful After Your Free Registration, You Will Be Redirected To A Limited Time Offer That Will Allow You To Immediately Save At Least $500 On The Above Rates, But BE CAREFUL Because You Will Only See This Page Once!


The important thing to remember is that after this pre-launch, it will be over… They will switch to a monthly subscription and it will no longer be possible to access GrooveFunnels for life. This is totally understandable when you imagine the investments needed to set up such a platform.

The offers will then be compartmentalized as follows with different levels of access to different tools:

  • Silver: Access to GroovePages, Sell, Affiliate, Mail, Member, Video for $99.00/month
  • Gold: Silver+ GrooveBlog, Desk, Calendar, Survey & Quizz for $199.00/month
  • Platinum: Gold+ GrooveKart, Webinars, Groove for Shopify (import your existing stores) and all other Groove Apps to come, for $299.00/month

This is still a very reasonable price when you know what ClickFunnels ($297.00/month) + Autoresponder (on average $279.00/month for 25,000 contacts) + GoToWebinar ($314.00/month for 200 participants) + Wistia ($99.00/month) or Kaptiwa 2.0 ($297.00) costs … and the list goes on… Do your math… Today you can get your hands on all these equivalents with GrooveFunnels once and for all FOR LIFE and for a fraction of what it will cost you monthly otherwise or after the pre-launch!


Create Your Free Access Now And Upgrade As Fast As You Can!




01 – By signing up today at GrooveFunnels, you will have the possibility to propose this same offer to your own friends and contacts. You can then immediately make your upgrade profitable.

Even better, you can even get immediately in your member area your personal link (which refers to the registration page) and receive 20% commission when your friends or contacts upgrade their subscription. You will know that you can count on these commissions to get your membership back. Remember, we are the first in the French speaking world to offer this latest generation platform.

02 – If you upgrade your GrooveFunnels account immediately to the “LIFETIME” plan, you will benefit not from 20% commission, but from 40% commission… And then, making your investment profitable will become a child’s play.





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