Primo Profits Review

Primo Profits Review

Primo Profits
Primo Profits

In this primo profits review, I’m going to show you a pair of software programs that will allow you to take any amazon link, put it into the software and create a video like magic. Make sure you stay until the end of this review, because I’m also going to show you how you can get a discount on the offer you see on the sales page and on each of the upgrades.

If at any time during this review you want to take a look at primo profits, go ahead and click the link below.

Sale Page


Copy and paste easy

It is said that new for 2021 secret affiliates exploit these $443 billion in commissions, with amazon and copy and paste tip. It says, generate unlimited free traffic in any niche. So basically it does is it looks for the best amazon niches, for you to create a video so you can get free traffic from youtube and send it directly to your amazon offers without having to create videos yourself.

You can see just the money they made here simple copy from amazon paste into youtube and fast traffic, and that’s youtube does, it’s A proven tactic youtube is known to get a lot of free traffic, especially if you do it for a lot of links.

The traffic potential is unlimited with Primo Profits, so it just says here copy Amazon or Clickbank affiliate programs into the plugin, then paste them into YouTube, and then they show this amount of money here, of course, it’s not going to happen overnight, but you can make money doing this type of method here, youtube is still a huge traffic source.

It’s amazing for people who are looking for free traffic. I highly recommend it. So here is the sales page here, it is, is going to be very low price here for this, and it will be software does everything for you.

It does all the hard work for you, you get with this. Let me read this, for you, you get, it says, get unlimited free buyer traffic target billions of niches, everything you need in 2021, create hd videos with ai.

In 60 seconds, I get free traffic built into the content spinner. So you don’t have to write, it’s; royalty, free music, 10, 000 buyer niches, preloaded, full training and all commercial and agency rights with these videos and traffic plus affiliate 100 made for you, etc, etc.

Here, so let me go further. I’ll play a quick demo, video for you and then I’ll, be back to show you, the members area and the otos now here, how it works step by step.First, we install the secret primo plugin.

This plugin takes less than a minute to install and only works on the google chrome browser, it comes pre-loaded with hundreds of million dollar niches. All these niches have millions of searches and huge affiliate commissions.

Now just click on a button I can only talk about in the members area, and then we start copying and pasting copy paste copy paste and that’s it. We’ve done the hard work and we’re ready for the next step, step 2.

So how do we go from copy and paste to getting traffic commissions? Well, the answer is “ai”, and that brings me to step 2. We import the text. We just copy and paste it into application number 2.

My video builder app uses AI to turn our pasted text into a full product review article with unique text and images, everything is done one hundred percent for you and it even adds voiceovers using Google AI.

How, with Google’s new wavenet text-to-speech technology, this AI-powered technology allows you to turn any script into a real voiceover. Choose from five voices: male female American, British, Australian, then click “go” to create your AI-generated campaign file and move on to the next step. step 3: now our images, script and voiceover are ready.

So it’s time to create our video, and we do it with my third software, zen video creator. This is the fastest way to make Amazon product review videos, just import them. The campaign file we created a few seconds ago, change a few settings, go ahead and click upload, your new video on Youtube and that’s it.

All there is to do with primo profits. Anyone can go from Amazon niche to professional video on Youtube in less than a minute. Okay. So this is the member area that you’re going to see after the purchase. They have to sign up for a special training here, access to the different software that you get the Windows version or the Mac version.

For that all the different keywords, software, the chrome plug-in you have to use it on chrome. It does not work. If you are using Safari or Firefox, there are instructions on how to do all these instructions on keyword search.

How do you do all that? You can see that it is, showing you exactly step by step. How do I do everything in this program? They don’t leave anything out, so this is the back end. Let’s go.


Primo Profits OTO’s

Let’s take a look at the otos together before we do this. I actually didn’t show you this. I want to make sure that when you get to the sales page, you move your mouse away. Let me refresh it so I can show you this.

This is really important. So if you move your mouse over here, ’s going to pop up? This is a discount, you can get it at a discounted price. Make sure you do that, I want to make sure you get the lowest price on this product.

The first one says, “Get unlimited videos, unlimited free traffic and limited affiliate commission”. Commission, which unlocks any restrictions you have on that.

So if you want to unlock that, but make sure that when you come to this oto page and move your mouse, you get a 12 off on it and bring the price down in the following way. Here is the autopilot, it’s a kind of bet.

You can put your official affiliate commissions and traffic on autopilot with this one, but again make sure you move your mouse. You get this twelve dollar discount on this one, so made to move your mouse away.

You get a hundred dollar discount on this one, so that’s huge if you’re thinking about getting this one. If I can speak here, my voice, cracking if you’re thinking about getting this one, make sure you do, because I want you to obviously get the lowest price.

I show you these lower prices, I make less as an affiliate, but you get a better deal. So it’s done for you here, they’ll, do the set up,

They’ll create your site for you. They’ll do it. Monetize it, pick a niche like products and create everything for you with this made for you version, you saw that it was a little bit more expensive.

This is, is going to cost you with this 97 discount. For that now, the last one here, you can get 37 other best products to make money, which cost 300,000 to develop. Be sure to move your mouse over this one.

Let’s see if you get a discount. Yes, you have a 20 discount. That brings the price down to 77. Again, these are 100% options. Don’t feel obligated to take them, pick the ones you want and the ones you don’t want.

do I like about Primo Profits?

So you have a way to monetize and get traffic, but of course it’s going to take time and you’re going to have to create a lot of it to get results.

I’m a big fan of youtube traffic. I’m a big fan of affiliate marketing. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to do things. You want to put a method on autopilot and perhaps get a virtual assistant to do it, for you then definitely check this out.

Thank you so much for looking at my Primo Profits Review today. If you want to take a look at it, go ahead and click on the link below.

Sale Page


Thank you so much and I’ll see you in my next review, thanks!

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