SE Ranking: All-In-One SEO Tool

SE Ranking: an all-in-one SEO tool to optimize your ranking

Are you looking to simplify the SEO management of your website? SE Ranking centralizes on a single platform all the tools you need to improve your SEO and monitor your competitors.


More than 30 SEO tools on a single platform

There are many SEO tools on the market to improve the SEO of a website or a specific page. Some tools will specialize in tracking rankings, while others will be experts in the field of backlinks or keyword research. With SE Ranking, you have the opportunity to access all the SEO functions you need on a single platform.

Already adopted by more than 400,000 users and 12,000 companies, SE Ranking offers more than 30 tools for SEO professionals, website owners and specialist agencies (with white labeling available).

Among the tools offered, we find :

  • keyword research and competitive research,
  • tracking of keyword rankings,
  • the follow-up of the competitors,
  • the marketing action plan to follow,
  • a complete audit of your site,
  • monitoring of backlinks.

SE Ranking offers you to connect to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console account in order to access directly to all the traffic analysis data of your site, without having to leave the platform. It is also possible to obtain the statistics of your groups and pages on Facebook and Twitter.

SE Ranking - An example of the results of the keyword search tool.
SE Ranking – An example of the results of the keyword search tool.

Manage your keyword work more easily with SE Ranking

The service is complete on the subject and gives you both the possibility to :

  • Find new keywords: from a keyword entered, the tool is able to suggest ideas for similar keywords, indicating for each keyword the search volume. The tool also indicates whether the keyword entered is highly competitive or not and which sites are best placed for that keyword.
  • Use a keyword grouper: this tool allows you to segment your keywords if they get similar results in the top 10 results on Google. This grouping allows you to distribute your keywords more adequately on the pages of your site, an asset for SEO and contextual advertising.
  • Follow your positioning according to keywords: you can monitor the evolution of rankings in the SERPs of Google but also of Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and YouTube. You get a view on the evolution of your page positioning according to the keyword, the search volume, the competition and the Google Ads suggested bids.

Monitor carefully the data of your main competitors

Regarding the competition, you can monitor the position of all your competitors by adding them manually. SE Ranking offers a view of your competitors in the search engines (from the top 10 to the top 100), according to the different keywords on which you are positioned.

You can also perform a competitive search to access all the information about a competitor and his SEO and PPC campaigns. You will find out which keywords and organic pages are ranked the best, and how they perform on paid searches.

Monitor and manage your backlinks

Another strong point of the platform is that you can easily track your backlinks by importing them manually or by uploading a .txt file with the links in question. The platform has a keyword checker to get a detailed report on your backlinks or those of your competitors: domain trust rate, number of external links, date of the last backlink check, social popularity, link anchor text, etc.

You will find the following functions: easy filtering of backlinks (noindex, no follow, etc.), generation of a ready-to-use file to disavow links, estimated cost for each link.

Concrete recommendations to help you improve your SEO

The service provides a marketing action plan to guide users in the creation and optimization of their sites. This action plan is a step-by-step list of tasks to implement a complete SEO strategy based on SEO best practices. In the task list, you will find actions to prepare the SEO of a site before launching, improve keyword research, perform on-page and off-page optimization and manage backlinks.

In addition, SE Ranking offers a complete site . You get an overall report with a score out of 100. The tool indicates the important and semi-important corrections to be made to improve your SEO. This can concern the content of your pages, your images, your Meta tags or your links. The tool is designed to help you make all the relevant improvements for the SEO of your site. The platform is also able to provide you with a detailed report on the SEO performance of a site over a given period.

A unique offer of SE Ranking

SE Ranking offers prices that vary depending on the number of keywords you want to track. A first offer starting at 23 € per month allows a follow-up of the ranking of 250 keywords for 10 websites and a site for 40 000 pages.

The second offer starting at 52 € per month gives the opportunity to an unlimited number of websites with a ranking tracking of 1000 keywords or more. It also allows you to launch audits of sites with up to 150,000 pages. The third offer from 111 € per month allows the tracking of the ranking of 2500 keywords or more and a site up to 250 000 pages.

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