Increase Your Amazon Sales And Outperform The Competition With Sellerly

Leading online visibility management SaaS platform Semrush, today announced the release of Traffic Insights and Listing Quality Check, two new tools for Sellerly, the complete toolkit for sellers in the Amazon marketplace.

Sellerly is brought to you by the Semrush team and their 12 years of experience in providing solutions for marketers.

Sellerly is designed to help Amazon sellers get the most out of every Amazon product listing by influencing its visibility, traffic and conversions.

Get started today to increase your sales and outperform the competition. After the free trial, you will be charged $50 per month.

Semrush, founded in 2009, knows to create the best solutions for marketers. With its 7,000,000 users, Semrush is a leading suite for marketers.

In fact, if you don’t want to continue using the paid tools, you can cancel your subscription. Otherwise, it will continue automatically.


Why Is It Important For You To Use Sellerly For Your Amazon Product Listing?

Sellerly’s mission is to improve selling so that your business grows and outperforms.

Sellerly plans to continue to refine their toolkit and add new tools and features by taking notes on the hiccups and itches of your workflow.

You can re-run the report at any time by clicking the Refresh button, but you must wait at least an hour between re-runs to get the updated data.

Sellerly Benefits

  • Incredible information: consistent, easy to use and understand tracking emails.
  • Simple software with a wonderful user interface: you can navigate smoothly and I really like its operation and design.
  • Easily track overall A/B test performance: to maximize your list.
  • High quality tool: with its affordable price.

The Disadvantages

  • As a new startup, I just had to cut some costs.
  • Some features are complicated to configure and I had trouble with them.
  • Lots of missing features even though I’ve seen worse.

4 Tools In The Sellerly Box

1. Amazon Listing Protection

The Listing Protection tool is an alert system for sellers that helps you respond instantly to unwanted listing changes and traffic losses.

The tool tracks your keyword positions, buy boxes, ad deletions and prices. As well, you can monitor an unlimited number of ads of your own or competing products to stop lost sales.

Here are some advantages of this tool:

  • Set up email or SMS notifications: to receive alerts of lost keyword positions, listing deletions or if the product price has been changed.
  • You will be informed as soon as a change occurs: so you can act immediately.
  • Monitor an unlimited number of listings: You can track your own products or competitors’ products so you don’t miss out on sales.

But how does it work?

Define the alerts and choose how to get them (by email or sms), then, and respond instantly to unwanted changes in the list

Stop worrying. Here’s how:

  • Add an ad: to start tracking a product, you must enter the URL or ASIN of the product page.
  • Add keywords and seller name: enter the keywords the product is ranked for in Amazon’s search engine and the seller name to track Buy Boxes.
  • Set up notifications: you can choose to receive notifications via email or SMS.

Note: Deletion alerts require your Amazon MWS token. The tool will ask you to log in to your Amazon seller account (unless you’ve already done so for the Split Testing tool). Please note that removal alerts are only available for listings in your own seller account.

2. Amazon Traffic Insights (Beta)

If you are an Amazon seller Grow your business with external traffic using this powerful analytics tool.

Amazon Traffic Insights is an analytics tool that allows you to evaluate and compare Amazon listing traffic channels and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

In 3 words Sellerly is , optimize and escalate:

listing traffic: discover competitor tacticsEvaluate the traffic channels of any listing, get data not available on Amazon Seller Central.
Compare and optimize ads: competitor product promotional strategies, find the best way to increase your brand’s reach outside of the Amazon ecosystem.
More traffic means more sales: Use our data to evolve your marketing strategy quickly and efficiently.

How does it work?

Add ads: enter the URLs or ASINs of up to three listings to evaluate and compare their traffic channels.
View Reports: Here are the types of reports you can get:

  • Overview presents an overview of the reach of ads, i.e. the estimated number of customers who can discover the product via all analyzed channels.
  • Google Organic – Traffic from Google’s organic search results.
  • Referrals – Traffic from links from different websites.
  • PLAs – Product offer ads are displayed for product-related searches on Google, but unlike standard text ads, they contain more information, such as images, reviews, prices, special offers, etc.
  • Graphic ads – The visual banner ads you see on a wide variety of ad-supported websites in the Google Display Network.

3. Amazon Split A/B Testing Tool

If you want to manage product pages in the free A/B testing tool, to increase your conversions by testing images, titles, descriptions and prices. You need to login to your Amazon account:

  • Integrate your Amazon account and manage your ads directly: You can undo all changes in one click.
  • Test your different tags: You can test titles, descriptions, images and prices to find the best combination.
  • The tool is free: so keep experimenting and always have the best performing listings.

Sellerly’s A/B testing tool is for selling and testing, so you can sell more. Here’s how to do it:

  • Adjust the lists in the tool and start testing.
  • Get live statistics on views and conversions.
  • Watch your profits grow.

4. Amazon Listing Quality Control

The Amazon Listing Quality Control tool is an auditing tool for Amazon sellers that checks listings for completeness, adjustment of Amazon guidelines and content errors, and provides recommendations for listing optimization.

Audit tool to get actionable tips to increase visibility and conversion rates for Amazon sellers. Upgrade your ads.

  • Audit your ads: Check your ads for completeness, Amazon guidelines and content errors.
  • Correct errors and get advice: Sellerly tools will provide you with recommendations and best practices for optimizing your ads.
  • Get the best sales: You can reorganize your ads to increase visibility and conversion rates.

How does it work?

Add an ad: Enter the URL or ASIN of the product page you want to and let the tool collect data (it may take up to 5 minutes).
View Reports: You can view the following reports:

  • List Quality Level – The overall well-being of a list based on the ratio of failed and passed checks.
  • Amazon Requirements Tab – Amazon requirements that must be met to avoid potential list deletion.
  • Amazon Style Guides Tab – Additional tips for improving the quality of your listing based on Amazon’s style guide.
  • Ideas Tab – Additional ideas for improving the quality of your listing, based on best practices and our research.

Sellerly Prices and Pricing

Free for Life Sellerly Plan: $0 /Month

Free Features:

  • Unlimited split tests
  • ASIN External Traffic Overview
  • Checklist for Amazon Requirements

Free Plus Plan: $50 /Month

All free features plus:

  • Comprehensive set of quality checks and improvement ideas.
  • Detailed reporting on external ASIN traffic channels.
  • List protection with all security alerts.
  • Currently, these tools are only available for the US Amazon marketplace. You can see a full comparison on their pricing pages here.



As a digital marketer, I understand the importance of a robust and easy-to-use software system, and Sellerly checks this box.

All features of Sellerly tools can be tested with a 7-day free trial, but you can also get limited data like this:

  • Split Testing – free tool, unlimited use
  • Traffic Insights – unlimited presentation reports
  • Listing Quality Check – unlimited checks of Amazon requirements

The Sellerly toolkit is extremely intuitive and easy to use. If you are a certified Amazon agency, Sellerly’s tools will make selling on Amazon easy.


I am convinced that you will see great results soon after using Sellerly.


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