Spocket : Dropshipping With EU & US Suppliers

Spocket : Dropshipping With EU & US Suppliers

Alternatives to Aliexpress to reduce delivery times are quite rare. However, a new solution exists recently, Spocket, which offers products from Europe and USA.

Long delivery times for products imported from China are one of the main problems for any dropshipping store.

You are probably already confronted with it every day. This is a real problem for the customer service management and the bad image it can give to your store.

Because nobody likes to wait 2 weeks to receive a product…

Various platforms similar to Aliexpress offer products that are mostly stored in the US or in Europe, as is the case with BigBuy. But these solutions are not perfect and above all, rarely adapted to dropshipping.

Today I want to introduce you to Spocket, which will allow you to source products thanks to a very large catalog, but also to place orders in one click by synchronizing with your Shopify or WooCommerce store, a bit like Oberlo.


What is Spocket?


Used by more than 30,000 entrepreneurs and e-merchants worldwide, Spocket is one of the most modern solutions to reduce the usual delivery times in dropshipping.

High quality products

Buyers and resellers are often frustrated by the poor quality of many products available on the Chinese market.

To solve this problem, Spocket strives to find high quality dropshipping products. By working only with serious suppliers, they have built a true marketplace of excellent quality products.

Also supplied with professional photos and high resolutions, the products are consequently more expensive but again, of outstanding quality.

Coupled with a good e-commerce , your online store will reflect a serious vision and give your customers confidence!

Ultra fast delivery

Spocket’s biggest asset is the very fast delivery times offered. By offering tens of thousands of products delivered in 3 to 5 days, you stand out from your competition. And today it is essential to stand out in dropshipping.

Most of Spocket’s suppliers are located in the United States and the European Union, which means that delivery is very fast, but also much more reliable.

This is directly related to a better shopping experience for your customers, which in turn will improve the perceived image of your store, and therefore get better reviews and more satisfied customers.

Attractive margins with Spocket

Since prices are higher, margins will be slightly reduced, although you will ultimately make more sales due to the quality of your products if your store is trusted.

That said, Spocket negotiates prices with its suppliers downwards, so that merchants and resellers benefit from very interesting margins.

1-click ordering

The automation process in dropshipping businesses is usually a determining factor. Just like Oberlo or Dsers, Spocket is no exception.

Their goal is to connect suppliers and merchants to automate everything in between so that it takes minimal time to place orders.

Automation is even more important because it limits the possibility of errors.

One-click ordering is even faster than with Oberlo, as you can order all of your customers’ products with just a few simple steps. No need to repeat the operation for each order.

Product Import

Just like the usual Aliexpress product import solutions, Spocket syncs perfectly with your Shopify or WooCommerce store to import your products easily.

With the import tab, you can easily import as many products as you want. The import list allows you to modify the products as you wish before adding them to the catalog.

This will allow you to rewrite product descriptions for SEO purposes, review variants, change photos and change product prices to match your usual prices.

Wide range of products

In the Spocket product catalog, you can easily search for any product by keyword or category among a wide range of products.

It is also possible to source products based on the location of suppliers in different parts of the world.

Customized Invoice

When doing online business, it is mandatory to provide purchase invoices to customers. In Shopify, this usually involves installing a third-party plugin to handle invoicing.

You’ll be able to uninstall them using Spocket, as the app gives you the ability to apply your logo, but also insert special notes for your customers!


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How to start with Spocket ?

When you install Spocket, it will sync directly with Shopify (or WooCommerce if you are on WordPress).

To understand the interface, Spocket offers a short tour, in 6 steps to explain the main features of the application. If you are used to working with Oberlo, you will not be disoriented because the interface is very similar.

This short guide gives you an overview of the possibilities and opportunities you can do. It’s fluid, quick to read and to the point.

Spocket - Product Search
Spocket – Product Search

By browsing the catalog through the search bar or categories, you can filter the results:

  • By price – By defining a minimum and maximum scale
  • By location – By selecting a country of departure and another of destination
  • By supplier – Very useful if you have personal preferences

Once your product is imported, it will be sent to your “Import List” so that you can edit it before sending it to the store.

Spocket- Import List
Spocket- Import List

Again, the interface is very similar to Oberlo, with a slightly more colorful design. So you can change the title, description, variants and even the pictures, even though they are extremely nice and clean!

By clicking on “Push To Store”, it will be sent to the store, so you can start selling it.


What are Spocket’s prices?

Given the quality of the service, it’s only natural that there is a fee.

Fortunately, Spocket is largely affordable by offering 3 plans to meet all levels of dropshippers’ needs.

Spocket - Pricing
Spocket – Pricing

The Starter plan will suit most of the people who want to use the service, at $9 per month with a free period for 7 days, this plan gives access to the tool, with an unlimited number of orders, but a limit to 25 imported products.

The Pro plan at $49 per month is dedicated to existing businesses, the main difference with the basic plan is that you have access to Spocket’s selection of premium products and the ability to send personalized invoices.

The last plan, Empire at $99 per month, is clearly dedicated to large businesses. Unlimited product imports and all the features of the other plans. You also have the possibility with this plan to make POD directly with Spocket.

Even if we can regret the impossibility to contact directly the wholesalers, Spocket’s team clearly gives itself the means to help the merchants to build quality stores by working only with trustworthy dropshipping suppliers.

This helps create an environment of trust between visitors, stores and suppliers.

The customer experience always comes first and with Spocket, you give your store the opportunity to take a big step forward!

Get a FREE 14-day trial !

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