Sitechecker : A Tool To Get A Free SEO Audit Of Your Website

Sitechecker : A To Get A Free SEO Audit Of Your Website


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A very easy to use Sitechecker that allows a complete optimization of the SEO of a site!

Sitechecker is an intuitive platform to measure, monitor and improve the SEO of a website. Nowadays, SEO is an essential element of a website. The SEO strategy must be mastered and optimized daily, in order to satisfy the demands of search engines. However, even with a good content strategy, a website is not necessarily fully optimized for SEO.

A free is proposed, allowing to obtain an SEO score as well as recommendations for improvement, in order to improve the SEO ranking of a site. It is a complete and very useful for anyone with a website, marketing agencies etc.



Quality advice to improve SEO

Once on Sitechecker, simply enter the URL of the site to and click on the “” button. Once the site is analyzed, a score is displayed out of 100 to indicate the SEO score of the site, as well as the number of crawled and indexed pages.

A detailed analysis is also provided. The latter includes different components, including: critical errors, warnings or even minor problems affecting the SEO of the site. The errors are classified by degree of importance. In red, the biggest problems, in orange those risky and in blue those to consider. Note that the analysis can be downloaded in PDF or CSV format.

For each problem detected, the number of pages concerned is indicated. In addition, Sitechecker explains the problem and suggests solutions to fix it. Tips from Google are also given. It is also possible to see the pages affected by the problem.

Sitechecker allows you to improve your site, in order to be better referenced and ranked by search engines!


Additional premium features

Other tools are provided by SiteChecker, but for a fee. One can mention “Site Monitoring” to get alerts in case of problems, such as when the https status of a page changes or when a page is no longer indexed. Site Monitoring also allows you to track changes made by competitors. This part also shows when changes have been made by developers for example on the site. The Rank Tracker tab allows you to track the ranking of the most important keywords of the site. Sitechecker also offers backlink tracking.

To take advantage of these features, several subscriptions are offered, ranging from $23 per month to $95 per month, depending on your needs!

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